Who was Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband?

Regional Mexican singer Jenni Rivera passed away tragically on December 9, 2012, after the jet she was on collapsed in southerly Mexico.

The singer has one of the most prolific jobs in banda-style songs and also has been repeatedly rated as one of the leading Latin artists by Signboard publication.

Jenni Rivera passed away tragically in a jet crash in December 2012Credits: Getty Images-Getty

Rivera and her last partner Esteban Loaiza got wed in 2010Credits: Getty Images-Getty
Who was Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband?
Jenni Rivera, 43, has actually been married a number of times throughout her life.

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Initially from California, she initially became pregnant at the age of 15 when she was in secondary school, as well as in 1984 married her baby daddy, Jose Trinidad Marin.

She gave birth to her child Chikis in 1985.

Rivera had her initial child at the age of 15 in high school credits: Getty Images-Getty
The pair had 2 children, Jacqueline as well as Michael, a couple of years later.

Rivera and Marin separated in 1992, apparently mentioning emotional and also physical misuse.

Marin is stated to have actually spent nine years as a fugitive after Rivera’s sis Rosie confessed that she had actually been abused by him.

Rosie likewise asserted to have abused his little girls Chikis and Jacqueline.

Police submitted a case with Marin in 1997, but practically ten years later on he was arrested and sentenced to 31 years behind bars for sexual offense as well as rape.

Rivera after that wed her second half, Juan Lopez, in 1997 and also had two kids, Genicca and Juan.

Rivera had 5 kids throughout her life credits: Getty Images-Getty
They divorced in 2003, and just four years later, Lopez was locked up for the sale of medicines.

He later died in 2009 while offering his sentence.

Rivera’s last marriage remained in 2010 with Major League Baseball player Esteban Loaiza.

The pair declared separation in 2012, however, it was never ever verified due to her untimely end.
Who is Jenni Rivera’s daughter Chiki?
Chiquis Rivera followed in the footprints of her mommy, a singer in her very own right, and also launched her debut single “Paloma Blanca” in 2014 as a homage to her mother.

He made a name for himself on the international stage by displaying his launching album “Ahora”‘s 2015 single “Esa No Soy Yo”.

Her last album, called Playlist, was launched in 2020 and won a Latin Grammy Honor.

Rivera’s daughter Chikis complied within her steps and also ended up being a singer credits: Getty Images-Getty
How did Jenni Rivera die?
Rivera passed away in addition to six various other guests on the jet they got on.
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