Who is Dustin Diamond’s ex-girlfriend Amanda Schutz?

Maintained by Belle Starr Dustin Diamond, he dated for some time following the goodbye of his ex-girlfriend Amanda Schutz (previous expert clown) and his ex-wife Jennifer Meissner.

The pair was temporarily involved around 2014, but reportedly damaged things a year later.

Amanda Schutz is a former partner of Dustin DiamondCredit: Facebook

Dustin Ruby was diagnosed with cancer on the weekend of January 8thCredits: Getty Images-Getty
Who is Dustin Ruby’s ex-girlfriend Amanda Schutz?
33-year-old Amanda Schutz is a former company owner of a pierrot company that amuses kids at events.

Referred to as the Clown Lollipop, Schutz specializes in “giving interactive enjoyment, face painting, balloon spins as well as even more,” according to the website of the deleted company.

Amanda was formerly called a clown lollipop in the entertainment business credits: Getty Images-Getty
She when looked like a clown lollipop in an episode of Real House Other Halves in New York City City.

Schutz reportedly examined dramatization at a university on Staten Island, New York City, and informed Twitter fans in a deleted tweet that he was relocating from Wisconsin to the state “for another company.”

It is unknown what she is currently helping.

When did they date?
Amanda and also Dustin Diamond in early 2014.

Dustin had formerly married his long-time sweetheart Jennifer Meissner in 2009, yet the two stopped doing points four years later on.

Amanda as well as Dustin were supposedly jailed with each other and stabbed after a bar battle in the Wisconsin cocktail lounge.

Dustin, as well as Amanda, were arrested after a bar fight in WisconsinCredits: Getty Images-Getty
The battle apparently broke out as Dustin declined to tremble hands with a female who supposedly continued to strike Amanda.

Dustin tried to leave, yet a guy waving his arm with a blade apparently quit him.

The man was supposedly stabbed by him but survived.

Diamond was jailed outside, recklessly threatening his security, and charged with first-rate charges to bring covert weapons.

Amanda was also detained and booked on suspicion of disorderly actions.

Diamond was sentenced to four months behind bars, however, was launched after serving 3 people.

Dustin was jailed as well as sentenced to 3 months in prison credits: Getty Images-Getty
Does Dustin have cancer cells?
Dustin has been diagnosed with cancer, but the type is unknown.

He was diagnosed on the weekend break of January 8th as well as is currently hospitalized in Florida as well is getting radiation treatment to treat his stage 4 diagnosis.

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It’s uncertain what kind of cancer Dustin has, yet he’s combating Phase 4 at a Florida hospital. Credits: Getty Images-Getty
” He is psychological”
Dustin Diamond “experiences a great deal of pain” when dealing with stage 4 cancer cells
Depressing information
What kinds of cancer does Dustin Ruby have?
Original love
That is Dustin Diamond’s ex-wife Jennifer Meissner?
Battle of Dustin
Saved by the Bell star Dustin Diamond’s sex tape-to-prison battle
Brave Battle
Dustin Diamond has stage 4 cancer cells and also starts chemotherapy within days of discovering the lump

A Dustin representative informed Home entertainment Weekly concerning his therapy: “He gets on radiation treatment, so he’ll be there for a minimum of another week, and after that discover when he’ll be back residence.

Enhancement: “By the following week, you will have a much better understanding of the extent of his condition as well as the therapies he needs to be comfy.”

Along with diagnosing cancer, Dustin is reported to be working on shingles, which resembles chickenpox. Tiles create an extremely excruciating breakout throughout the body.

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