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What to Include in a Good Press Release?

Despite the rumors about press releases going obsolete, they Include are quite an effective tool to deliver news to the relevant journalists and media personalities.

Unlike social media, the reach of press releases is limited to a handful of journalists who are approached directly. This may seem like an inefficient manner but has its pros and cons attached to it.

For starters, the biggest benefit of sending out press releases is that it is directed at relevant journalists and bloggers. The chances of getting press releases to reach a relevant audience sky-rockets (which is the ultimate aim of a good press release).

When it comes to writing a press release, the question often arises about the things to include in a good press release. If you are struggling with this, you have come to the right place. The following things discussed below are considered an important part of a good press release.   

Newsworthy Information

This is probably the single most important factor to consider when writing a press release. Many exciting things are happening in an organization. But don’t forget;

something that is exciting and newsworthy for you does not necessarily mean it will be equally interesting for the outside world. Ponder over your content for a long time and decide whether it holds any meaning for everyone else as well.

To convert bland information into newsworthy and interesting text, setting the right tone, and picking the right angle is of utmost importance. Consider your press release as a story and yourself as to its writer.

To capture the attention of the readers, write the story uniquely so that it provokes the reader to continue reading.

A Catchy Title

When writing a press release, a catchy title is a must. Don’t forget that hundreds of press releases are pitched to journalists regularly. Titles are the first thing that journalists see when they come across your press release.

By picking a catchy title, your press release stands out from the bulk, thus increasing its chances to be noticed by journalists.

The title must be self-explanatory and concise. This means that by reading the title of the press release, a person must be able to understand what the press release is all about.

A direct but comprehensive headline with a decent amount of action verbs has a decent chance of catching the relevant attention.  

Perfect your press release writing by getting to know mistakes to avoid in writing a press release.

The Perfect Lede

The first paragraph of a press release is called lede. A strong lede is a must-have in a good press release. Within 40 to 60 words, a summary of the news shared in the press release, needs to be included.

Sure, they are a limited number of words but through great mastery in to-the-point writing, it becomes achievable. Most press release writing experts suggest answering the questions in 5 W’s for example:

a)       What is the press release about?

b)      Who is a part of the news?

c)       When did the news happen?

d)      Why would the audience be interested?

e)      Where did it happen?

By creating one-line answers to these questions, the perfect content for lede is created. It covers all the aspects of the news.

Interesting and Relevant Quotes

Quotes are a must-have in press releases. But that does not mean irrelevant quotes from important people around the world – a quote from Steve Jobs – should be a part of the press release.

When it comes to including quotes in a press release, it is important to include relevant sayings of an executive from your organization. Or maybe in some cases, a quote from a satisfied customer or stakeholder can be a part of the press release.

Contact Details

Your press release has no worth if there are no contact details present at the end of it. It is of utmost importance that along with other Call-To-Actions a name, an email address, and if desired a contact number of the contact point is provided in a press release.

The purpose of a press release is lost without this information because the journalist will have no one to reach out to when they wish to pursue the story.

This is why in the end, including contact details are mandatory.  

Final Opinion

Press releases are an interesting piece of writing. Without a doubt, writers need a lot of practice before getting it done correctly. But the few things mentioned above can help in writing the perfect press release. At the end of the day, it is no rocket science and can be mastered with time.

The point to remember is that newsworthy stories need to be told from a fresh and unique perspective with a catchy title, a proper lede, and relevant in-house quotes. Do not forget to include contact details.

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