Ultra T Bond forecast and cryptocurrencies in case of BTC price growth

May 31 was a significant day for all traders. After all, then bitcoins began their rally. This gave rise to hope for a gradual recovery of the cryptocurrency market.

What have the stock markets shown lately? 

After conducting research on this issue, analysts agreed that it was the three most popular assets that could rise in price among the first. These are three alcoins: 

1. MATIK. 

2. HELL. 

3. XLM. 

Such a course of events is quite likely, provided that bitcoin breaks through the resistance line at $35,000.

What are euro bund futures?

This is an agreement entered into by a client through an exchange market for the delivery or purchase of a certain number of bonds within a certain period of time. An example of the most liquid futures contract is the 30-year US Treasury bond. Its face value is $100,000.

What affects the yield of Ultra T Bond? 

Thus, the income for a certain time before the maturity date of the sold securities is determined. The yield is affected not only by the market value of the coupon but also by the Ultra T Bond interest rate.

Forecast for altcoin ADA 

The headlines of various publications have recently been full of news about the ADA crypto coin. The fact that this asset is closely watched by business circles is known firsthand. And this fact did not surprise anyone, since in a few days, from May 30 to June 1, the price of the coin soared at lightning speed by several points by almost 45%. Although a few hours later, its value fell by 13 percent.

What is euro bond market?

This is the name of a certain spectrum of the international bond market. Its purpose is to distribute securities among investors in the state currency. This is an important condition. The currency should not be a national asset for the issuing organization. Ultra Treasuries were introduced to help traders in the US Treasury market. manage risks. Eurobond ETFs are a type of credit bond. Their nominal value is a foreign currency for the issuer.

How is the Eurobond price formed?

According to experts, this line of behavior of the ADA altcoin indicates that the coin was able to break through the resistance levels and embarked on a recovery path. The analytical forecast showed a direct dependence of bitcoin on other digital currencies. According to this, if ADA rises above $35,000, the value of all other crypto coins will increase in price. 

News from the euro btp bond exchange confirms this trend. Therefore, traders can confidently hope for the growth of the cryptocurrency market. The euro btp bond cost is the face value. It is paid by the state to the holders of securities at the time of their redemption.

Some well-known analysts boldly stated that the ADA coin has every chance to soar above this indicator thanks to the update of the Vasil hard fork. Given this development of events, the cryptocurrency may see a rapid increase in the price ladder as early as the end of June. For visit

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