Top 5 smart technologies

  1. SMART phone
  2. SMART watch
  4. SMART kitchen appliances
  5. SMART security

In today’s society technology is constantly changing and evolving at a rapid rate even though widespread internet access wasn’t established until the 1990s. Since then a whole range of technologies has developed including universal mobile phone usage and even integrated technology into kitchen appliances. The world, to the best of our knowledge, has never been so technologically advanced. In this article, we take a look at the evolution of smart technology and how it goes beyond basic technology systems.

What is Smart technology?

Smart technology is hard to explicitly define because the term is relatively broad and can be applied to a range of technological products. Initially, the smart acronym comes from ‘self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology. Generally, smart devices have some form of automation that can be programmed easily with an easy-to-navigate user interface.



The company IMB is commonly credited for being the first company to develop a smartphone in 1994. The phone isn’t quite like the smartphones we see today, back then it was bulky but still featured a touch screen and email capabilities- it was more commonly known as Simon. Since then the smartphone has evolved considerably with one of the most popular smartphones being the iPhone by apple. An estimated 1 billion people currently use iPhones worldwide. Iphones have so many smart features nowadays that it would be easier to list what you couldn’t do, rather than what you can. You can literally do almost anything with your phone, ranging from virtual doctors appointments, to filing your tax return, to purchasing cryptocurrency. Let’s take a look at some of the more basic apps that really proved to be pivotal in the evolution of the smartphone.

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  • Ability to enable dark mode
  • Screen Recording
  • Backup data in iCloud
  • Siri
  • Facial recognition 



Another recent smart phenomenon is the smartwatch, developed after the widespread production of smartphones. It is very similar to a smartphone but has a smaller touch display that can be worn on the wrist. The purpose of the smartwatch is to keep you updated from your wrist constantly without the need to whip out your smartphone. You can use it to control a variety of elements such as music and phone calls and significantly a smartwatch can accurately measure health factors including your heart rate and step count. 

Smart TV


You may or may not have heard of smart tv, they are becoming increasingly popular due to their useful features which allow you more access to films and series. The key difference between a standard television and a smart TV is that a smart TV has access to the internet whereas a normal TV does not. This internet access makes it possible to download apps and stream the likes of Netflix and Prime video. The added benefit of a smart telly is that you won’t need to subscribe to a cable/antenna service as you only need internet access to stream tv programs, movies, and even music. One smart TV that has become a hit due to its affordability and high quality is Roku TV, it has a range of built-in smart app features which makes it quick to set up and easy to use.

Smart kitchen appliances 


Now it is clear what is meant by smart technology, its evolution has only become more widespread with there now being smart kitchen appliances on the market. Smart kitchen appliances may seem more expensive at first but in the long run, are a great way to cut costs. Unlike conventional models which have been around for a longer time, smart appliances can be controlled and monitored remotely via voice control or mobile devices. This saves time by adding a new convenience to your life. 

One kitchen appliance with smart technology that we recently discovered is the world’s first smart dry-age refrigerator by Steak Locker. If you haven’t heard of dry-aging, it is a luxury meat preservation technique that is unique in its ability to naturally amplify the existing flavors within the meat. Before the creation of the dry age fridge, dry aging was a delicate process due to the high risk of spoilage. This is because dry-aging requires just the right temperature and humidity levels in order to get the desired results, this is what makes the dry-aged product such a delicacy only being sold at high-end restaurants for a costly price. This smart meat aging fridge enables you to dry-age meat from the comfort of your own home for a much more affordable price and with minimal risk. The risk is minimized because of the Smart features which enable you to track the progress of your meat whilst monitoring the environment within the fridge.

Smart security


Another great thing to come out of the smart technologies that have been developed is smart home security systems. Statistics show that 60% of burglars are likely to be deterred if a home has a security system installed. A smart security system is even more powerful because of its useful features that allow you to secure the home from anywhere at any time as long as you have access to a connected mobile device or home system. A common smart security system many people are installing at the moment is smart doorbells which often have a video camera installed and sensors so not only will you be notified when someone comes close to your property but you will also be able to see who it is. What’s more, many of these doorbells also have a two-way audio feature. 

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