The Top 9 Embroidery Design Tips

If you are thinking to do embroidery of your logo or artwork onto fabric clothing which Design includes sportswear t-shirts or caps then congratulations on the right move. This can turn out to be the best way you can showcase your business, the upcoming event, or a sports team you are a part of. 

The items which are embroidered are often considered to be of higher quality like tiger football embroidery design and they tend to stay longer as well when you compare it with other printing methods available out there where the artwork seems to fade with time.

However, the embroidered designs are carried out with the help of thread and before they start the process, it is essential to simplify the graphics to prepare a clear stitching design. But how would you do that? 

Since the graphics which look so complicated in the system have to look equally great in the embroidered design once finished. Our magic tips of embroidery design will surely help you to find the right answers:

1. To convert the graphic logo of yours into stitches, you have to digitize the design first which includes turning the artwork into a digital file that is eligible for the read by the embroidery machine. There is dedicated software available for doing so that will help you to a great extent.

2. Make sure you are not compromising with the size. Keep the size largest, choose the highest quality graphic which has the clearest details. By choosing a larger image you will save yourself from making your design look pixelated or lagged when the editing is done or the simple enlargement. The larger image which has a higher resolution will turn out to be more clear like with twins baseball embroidery designs.

3. Steer clear of the small font size with the lettering. The reason is that during the translation you might lose it. The minimum acceptance of the text is ¼ inch in height which allows the design to be more readable.

Apart from this try to go with the capital letters as they will turn out to look good than lower case letters since they carry the straighter cleaner lines.

4. You might have seen the graphics which look amazing with the gradients where a color transitions into another. But when you talk about the embroidery, better avoid this since you may not get the final results as you would expect.

Gradients with the logo embroidery will produce a rough look so it is best to choose solid color combinations over gradients or shading.

5. Another factor which includes several small details like thin lines, fine details, and outlines should also be avoided completely. The reason for that is in pale colors, these designs can cause a whole lot of trouble as the embroidery needed to be performed with the usage of very thin stitches.

By doing so, these thin lines will look dotted from a distance at the location of the stitch entering and leaving the fabric. The better choice here would be the darkening fine details and lines which will present a better show-up.

6. Do consider the approach you choose in how your image colors will appear against the fabric color of you or your clients’ choice. For example, if you choose a black thread design on a black background then it would look subtle and won’t be too flashy like a white design on the black background.

7. Get in touch with professionals to seek the help of you think that you are not getting the desired results by yourselves. Graphic designing might look like a piece of cake from the outside but when you have to do the actual talking, you will get to know why these professionals are being respected so much in their field of work.

Never hesitate to approach a professional who will make your final product is coming out to be how exactly you have wanted that on the fabric of your choice.

8. Using a simpler design will save you from the tricky part where a design that looks great on paper turns out to be completely shabby on the fabric where it can’t be even read properly.

If you are in doubt regarding the simple design and its effectiveness then look at the big fishes like Polo, Lacoste, or Munsingwear who made a long-lasting impact on the market and its consumers by using a simple but quick recognized branding.

9. Lastly, the choice of fabric selection is also very important. The embroidered logo looks great on outerwear, sportswear, or knits but when it common to cotton wear or performance fabrics, they seem to go flat flop on them.

Initially, it might look quite decent and promises to deliver in long run but soon after the first wash you would see how there is breakage or wrinkles in the tag or it has started wearing out which makes it unwearable.

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