Target Shooting with Team Air Arms 2020

Target Shooting with Team Air Arms 2020 Hello, my name is Gary Chillingworth I’m a member of the Air Arms HFT team. I shoot HFT because it’s full of great people, it’s a wonderful target sport, for a shooting sport it’s relatively good value for money, you just get to shoot with good people and have a good time. The basic rules for HFT, well we shoot at targets, these targets have different kill zones within them.

They have 15-millimeter kill zones, they can go from anywhere between 13 and 25 yards they have 20-millimeter kill zones. The target they can go from 8 yards out to 30 yards. They have 25-millimeter kill zones, which will go from 8 yards to 40 yards. 30 millimeter kill zones from 8 to 40 yards 35-millimeter kill zones, which can go out from 8 to 45 yards.

The vast majority of these targets are shot prone, but also we have 4 supported kneel or standards. These can go out to distances up to 40 yards. We also have an unsupported kneel and we also have an unsupported standing, which can go out to 35 yards. so if you can shoot a rifle prone from 8 to 45 yards you stand a good chance of knocking down a few targets.

The other main rule we have within the competition is we’re not allowed sitting shots like FT. We also don’t allow things called butt hooks, like on an FTP 900 if you have the extended position that would make it illegal in HFT, but if you fold the extra arm back in, which is a great thing about the FTP 900 that makes it fully legal.

We’re allowed when Windecators and the stock depth can’t be in excess of 150 millimeters but apart from that, we’re relatively easy. I mean, you’re not allowed laser rangefinders on the course because it’s all designed to be done by eye and the other main rule is that once you start shooting, you can’t adjust the scope.

With Ft you have a side wheel and you can dial in scope, with HFT you walk up, you look at the target you think that’s 35 yards, use a multi aim point reticule scope, you get down you that I’m a point in the kill zone, pull the trigger and hopefully it’ll fall over. Within HFT we have many, many different shooting classes.

The main shooting class is the open class, that is where the vast majority of people shoot. This is predominantly .177 using rifles like the FTP 900 the HFT 500 or the S400. A lot of people shoot with those. You then have the recoiling class, which is the class I shoot in and that’s using spring guns like the TX200 or Pro Sport. You have the lady’s class, which is a very, very popular class these days and you then have .22, again going to .22 is getting much more popular.

We then have junior classes for ages 9 to 13 and 14 to 16 and then finally we have the veterans class. Within HFT there are major competitions throughout the year, the one we’re out today is at misfits and that is round one of the UKHFT National Series, that’s probably the most important series throughout the year.

The major one is obviously the World Championships which, this year will be held at the Midland Game Fair. The other one which is one of the most popular shoots is the Air Arms RSN10. We’re going to Air Arms International in Holland. Early May we’ve got the European Championships, which will be held in Belgium.

We’ve also got the British Recoiling Championships, which is at the end of May, which I’m pretty sure Air Arms is also sponsoring. So, they’re the main ones we have throughout the year. Most people who start in HFT will start off with an Air Arms S400. the Air Arms S400 is probably the perfect starter rifle. It’s a brilliant gun with a knock over the valve, which air arms have been developing for years.

Consistently it’s almost as good as a regulated rifle. They’re accurate, they’re reliable they never go wrong. I mean 400 pounds for an S400, Jean Greatex, she’s the Scottish Open champion, she’s one of the top lady shooters in the country, she has a standard S400 and in the right hands, it’s a formidable piece of kit.

I use an air arms TX200 carbine. I love recoiling rifles, I’ve had an FTP, I’ve had an S400, which is what I started off with and I ended up just using a recoiling rifle. TX200 is fantastically accurate, fun to shoot and you can purchase a TX200 for just under 400 pounds. Out of the box, put the right scope on it and get in a bit of practice and you can be competitive with the best of us.

Many years ago I used to be into Taekwondo until my knees gave out, my back gave out, and pretty much every part of me broke. I needed to do something competitive. I found HFT I’ve been able to shoot all over Europe, I’ve represented my country at the World Championships and for me, it gives me that chance to be competitive again this sport has given me so much.

Getting into HFT is really easy, the first thing you need to do is find yourself a decent little club go and meet the people you’ll realize that they’re lovely the people will show you around there, help you and just get the guidance. Then go to a decent gun shop, but know what you want to buy before you go there.

Get yourself a scope that fits you and suits your eyes and once you’ve done that once you’ve got your club, you’ve got your gun you’ve got your scope, come and join in the fun it’s a really friendly place to be.

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