Sport Clips for Gordon Logan ISBN Lifetime Achievement

Sport Clips Haircuts, for his remarkable contribution to the beauty industry. His commitment to the stylist community, franchise owners, beauty school network, product partners, and colleagues to ensure a robust future, not only for our industry but also for the more than1500 Sport Clips stores which employ over10,000 licensed stylists.

Additionally, Mr. Logan has been an avid supporter of our veterans, and building programs that afford post-military opportunities for our nation’s heroes. And it all started in Sumter, South Carolina. Sumter is a small, tight-knit community where Gordon enjoyed his childhood and developed an interest that would help to frame his future, both in business and in his love for cars and auto racing.

Gordon’s father, Joseph Logan, was a successful businessman who immigrated from Scotland. Seen here with his wife, Murtis, and they’re newly purchased1928 Packard Phaeton, which was a fixture with the family for more than 15 years, and now is the restored flagship of Sport Clips Classicsexotic car collection.

(soft, melodic music) Graduating from Edmund HighSchool in Sumter in 1964 Gordon attended MIT in Massachusetts, where he graduated with a BS in 1968. After college, Gordon entered the Air Force, serving as an Aircraft Commander and pilot from 1969 to 1976, where he flew C130cargo planes in Vietnam.

His military experience paved the foundation for his commitment to the men and women who have served our country. He found time to earn an MBA with honors from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in 1976. After his Air Force career, Gordon worked as FinancialPlanning and Control Consultant with Price Waterhouse and company in Houston, Texas, and earned a CPA in the state of Texas.

(upbeat, snappy music) It was during his time in Houston that he discovered the beauty industry and invested in his first of many Command Performancesalons in Texas in 1979. It was here he met his wife Betty, a stylist, who managed his stores in Houston, Austin, and Waco.

With complementary skills, Betty and Gordon worked to build a successful salon business, building their CommandPerformance franchise stores in multiple markets in Texas. In addition to their drive for business, Betty and Gordon were devoted to their two children, who learned firsthand the demands and challenges of building a company hair care business.

From a young age, their son Gordon Edward and daughter Caroline were known to spend hours working with their mom and dad at the office and in stores. While building his CommandPerformance business, Gordon felt something was missing for his male clients. Somehow, he knew he could do better.

Seeing a unique market niche, he set out to create a new, satisfying, haircut experience for men and boys, and SportClips Haircuts was born. Success for Gordon and his Sport Clips franchise wasn’t always an easy path. There were challenges and setbacks along the way.

But every victory, every milestone, and every success of the brand can be traced back to the company values Gordon, his team leaders, team members, and support center staff live by every day. It was also important for Gordon to contribute to the industry in which he was involved. First, he brought leadership to ISBN that was collaborative and crossed brands, and self-interest boundaries that existed in the past.

He set an agenda to get things done in the best interest of all of us in the industry, and set a roadmap for the way business would be conducted by the ISBN leadership. The commitment to stylists and the well-being of the salon business is evident, through his leadership of the all-industry group that is addressing the great variability in licensing throughout the country.

He advocates a 1000 hour license requirement, with the desired outcome of increased enrollments, increases the mobility of the stylist workforce, and defense against the taxon the cost of education, as it relates to living wage tests. Gordon is admired and respected by all in our industry.

He continues to be a beacon of clarity on issues that relate to our industry. Gordon has dedicated himself to creating safe environments where stylists can prosper, and has worked to increase wages and opportunities, not only within Sport Clips but across our industry. Great leaders are ones who lead by example. He walks the talk when it comes to living his values and the values he created in his business.

He has set an example of honesty, integrity, and loyalty. (gentle, melodic music) Through his guidance, and his support, Sport Clips is a national partner with four charitable organizations, VFW and the Sport Clips HelpA Hero Scholarship program, American Red Cross, SaintBaldrick’s Foundation, and Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation.

He cares deeply for the stylist community as evidenced by the Sport Clips Wayne McGloneMemorial Relief Fund which provides financial assistance in the form of grants for sport Clips team members in times when help is needed the most. The Sport Clips team members have raised and donated millions of dollars and donated time and energy to these and numerous other organizations.

Gordon is passionate and believes successful businesses give back. This commitment ignites passion among all those working for, or who are affiliated with Sport Clips Haircuts. His success may not have come easy, but it is no accident. With hard work and commitment to do his best, do the right thing, and treat others the way they want to be treated, a light bulb moment became the ultimate business success. And that’s something we can all tip our hat to. Congratulations to Gordon Logan.

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