Smart Notebook RocketBook! 2020

smart notebook if not it’s wifi and it doesn’t have Bluetooth it doesn’t have NFC doesn’t have if it doesn’t have yes then no it’s none of that but it is a notebook smart and hairy I’m David Gonzalez and welcome to Automatizame.net, first of all, don’t forget to subscribe to our social networks either facebook otherwise youtube remember.

Smart notebook that if something that serves this or another video of mine works for me very much that you just prefer it that you just simply share you’re doing during a comment or something for the style I leave the minis here below thanks well as.

I said within the intro we are visiting see a free and it’s just spectacular why has no electronic circuit don’tconnect wifi it’s nothing but it’s smart because you {will be} ready to get write thereon all of your notes you’re doing slightly and it’s where you want it to keep take your ar and with the Abdi of this one of this notebook just goes and save.

where you’d like either within the cloud is mailed you will be able to do that or not it’s saved as an image that you simply transcribe into text you’ll doa lot of things could be a wonderful idea if you are a student who is in the college preparatory or perhaps studying a point and you.

want to need as an example a tablet iPad to school because just what better everything is extremely expensive smart notebook or will be damaged or Uruguay you even do otherwise you they steal but a notebook like this I believe, what’s more, I’m visiting tell you something I feel that the notebook assembly with a kilo is that the proper match because able to} make all of your notes from here automatically.

he is mailed here and you’ve got access to be able to women in being during this team already you’ll and here if this one isn’t so delicate anymore you can bring them from many sides the battery doesn’t run out that fast this you last about 2 the battery and it’s rather more practical and light.

so if you’d prefer it because you obviously have your weapons well let’s have a glance at a slight video that prepares Chicano and as we’ll see it came during this easy bag where the notebook came the pencil and a cloth to be able to clean it are these three things and thus the reality is that the quality of all three is excellent once.

we open smart notebook freedom the first thing that we see on the left side are icons which is simply just like the categories where we’ll save there we will contribute each of the themes for our remember each one of them where and at the underside of each of the is a barcode that identifies our phone or our account and below.

it’s that icon which we will remove so it tastes like were to automatically save the smart notebook has no stripes or grids are little dots for you to undertake to drawings or writing texts on all of the notebooks has more no more or less has 32 pages then the storage isn’t plenty but it’s something.

so you are doing not must worry because once you fill the notebook or well at the time that you just simply you want to undertake and have it away just take the fabric that came humidifies it is a little as I’m showing you directly that you just.

I write smart notebook hello and just took the damp cloth and will be erased once that you just erase it you’ve got have to be compelled to use adry cloth, therefore, the surface but let me tell you it looks like new there aren’t any complaints on this site like this package of the three is reasonably practical more, however.

I acquired a folder and other colors these team markers through colors of smart notebook they must be specific to this notebook that from rock & book they aren’t very expensive and let me tell you that the notebook quality is pretty good spiral is nice the leaves come from behind spend absolutely nothing.

Smart notebook the folder has for you to put your notes with our washcloth put your notebook and from the right side up a feather-like, you’ll see at the endif the quality is additionally excellent and also it’s really as you will see in the video the fact is a style of an option elegant and practical, you bring your colored markers isn’t expensive it costs approximately 750 password phones.

I also leave you lolis folder and bookmarks to provide you with an idea more or more opposite now we are visiting smart notebook watch a video how to configure what also the fact It doesn’t have many jokes but let’s examine it’s a quick thing first what we have to do and do is open our application apps and let’s search because the roque rocket book app gives you install and quickly.

it installs which we’ll open it that is like basically the opposite okay once we have it open we will show how they work if you’re happy to figure out how you write how do you draw how do I take photography the thanks to operating the lenses since it showed us how it works asks us if we wish to enter with an account we tell him that we are visiting create an account and by accident ways, we are able to use our science from china during this case II used mine.

which is how briskly I’ve got my account here, it asks me if I am a teacher a student I feel it’s just by flower statistics of them because they are doing not give you more options and fewer smart notebook if fine he tells us that we have got todo functions this could opt to finish the configuration tells us that if we wish to use our emailWe tell you that if you’re visiting change mail smart notebook nothing else is to verify what’s the email account and here they appear all the services we have available cited column point culture when there are bots even google photos

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