SAFE To Fly Right Now In The USA?! (Not What I Expected)2020

Right now I’m Alexander, a world traveler and YouTuber from the United States like many of you the Coronavirus Pandemic has flipped our world upside down 2 months ago I was living on the other side of the world in Bali Indonesia but by the end of March.

I was suddenly forced to evacuate Bali and fly home to the United States we’re now living in uncertain times where rules and regulations are changed day by day fortunately this week I received a unique opportunity to work in California for 1 week this, however, was something that could not be done.

remotely due to the job requirements so I’m going to take this opportunity to show you what it’s currently like to fly in the United States it is a chilly morning here in Baltimore right now So I am at Baltimore International Airport right now and it’s very strange, very strange to be here right now because I haven’t been to the airport in two months now.

The last time I was at the airport was when I was right flying from Jakarta Indonesia to the United States if you guys haven’t seen that video I will link it right above guys and down in the description below so you guys can check that out but there were two things.

I noticed specifically there were no temperature screenings and or any screenings at all for that matter and the only thing that they screened for was where I was flying in from so I’m very curious to see how much has changed self-check-in only so I just went to security.

that was by far the fastest security I’ve ever gone through only took literally three minutes since I’ve gotten into the airport so, wow looks like they only have one terminal open which is where all the Southwest Airline flights are coming out of, and only two food options you either have Chick-fil-a or McDonald’s two of the largest fast-food chains in the United States.

so I mean what are you gonna expect? well just as expected the airport is fairly empty considering it’s an international airport but so far no screenings, no temperature readings it seems pretty normal but very eerie at the same time if that makes any sense on a more positive note it’s just myself and currently three people on the flight however on the other side is the flight to Tampa Florida and there are probably like 50 people on that flight eh 40 (people).

Do you guys know why there was nobody at that gate? it’s cause I was at the wrong gate alright off to San Diego alright so we landed just 10 minutes ago in San Diego now, I have apparently a three or four-hour layover actually I thought it was only gonna be an hour quick recap it’s been two months since.

I flew and you know you get those butterflies when you take off because it’s been so long, it feels like it’s been so long actually but it’s really not if you think about it I’ve been I usually am on a plane at least every 30 to 60 days anyway so two months isn’t really that long if you really thinking about it but yeah, butterflies going up for the first time in a while and a bit weird.

it’s a little bit weird now I’m going to try to find some food hopefully if anything is open here San Diego I’ve noticed is a little bit busier though then Baltimore was this morning so a bit more people traveling here then there was in Baltimore Cashier: may I see your ID, please?

right now in the usa

I’ve been traveling Asia for so long I forgot that they card you for the beer cause you gotta be 21 to drink here so about an hour ago when I landed here this whole terminal the whole area in this terminal was pretty busy actually there was a good amount of people, not that much allowance for social distancing so deciding.

I’m gonna go ahead and oh my god wait for this so I’m gonna go ahead and get some work done for the next hour or two I still have 2 hours basically till my flight boards to San Francisco and yeah, we’ll wait till then well after two hours looks like there are not that many flights out left out of San Diego only about a dozen left looks like and the airport has completely emptied out so there’s just only about a few people here in the terminal waiting for the last few flights out of here alright.

Welcome to San Francisco my first time here but so far amazing airport very beautiful here it’s just a shame that I have to be here under some circumstances but everything is closed down, temporarily closed empty nobody here in the airport at all I mean besides passengers now you know.

what did happen which was kind of weird is when I stepped on the plane from San Diego to San Fransisco the flight attendant asked me, no pictures on the plane and I’m fine with that, I’m not taking pictures obviously it’s just weird Wow look at the bag claim here it’s like a ghost town,

holy crap alright well that was a surprisingly pleasant trip with no issues whatsoever and to answer your question nothing has changed since I came from Jakarta Indonesia to the United States still no preventive measures, still no temperature checks or anything of that sort.

it’s everything as usual except for everyone is required to wear face coverings in the airport as well as the planes specifically Southwest because I flew them today but yeah so I’m going to go ahead and grab a taxi, head in town if you guys enjoy today’s video leave it alike if you guys have any questions comment below I’ll be happy to answer them and again make sure you hit the subscribe button and I’ll see you guys in next week’s video, peace

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