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Quickly get rid of all the Android Junks

Junks are the main problem faced when Android phones get aged. Removing junks using an effective Android cleaning tool like Clean Master is the best mulching mower such as a phone without factory resetting or formatting. With the increase of installed apps, games, and other photos, the number of junks created also increases. Many tend to search for cleaning tools when it is impossible to take a photo or install a new app due to low storage space.

Cleaning junks has many advantages like a performance boost, longer battery life, and more free storage space. You can try Fast Clean Booster which is completely free. Go to the play store and search for this app name. You will see this appear on search results. If your device does not have a play store, you can try using other app stores like Aptoide and AC Market. AC Market is also like a play store where you can install Android apps and games you like for free.

Fast Clean Booster comes with many extra features apart from removing junks. Those features are most helpful when you run out of storage. Because when one app can do all the functions required to boost performance helps to save storage. Below listed some of the features of this application.

Features of Fast Clean Booster

Boost performance – Removing garbage or junks that reduce phone speed. There are many applications that has no use. You can remove them to increase amount of free RAM. Removing all the unwanted background apps and tasks helps to increase device performance significantly.

Super Clean – You effectively clean and remove all the unwanted junks including caches, thumbnails, residuals from app and system updates, remained data from uninstalled apps, files from messaging apps, files from social media apps, apk files, downloaded files and many more.

CPU Cooler – When the amount of running applications or services increases it increases the CPU stress. When CPU stress is high amount of heat generate from CPU is also high. That heat dissipates from phone body in order to cool down the CPU. That’s why you feel hot when holding the phone. You can effectively cool down your Android phone by stopping and hibernating CPU intensive processers.

Battery Master – This feature can analyze apps and services based on battery usage. You can close or block all power-hungry processers that are unnecessary. You can improve battery time by hibernating apps that use battery power even without using the phone.

You can install cleaning applications on Android TV boxes too. Because Android TV boxes have a very little amount of storage space. Therefore, many tend to use cleaning applications on Android TV boxes and Fire TV. You can install Fast Clean Booster on any Android TV for free using Aptoide TV or using Filelinked. File linked requires file linked code to install this application. If not, you can create your own store and add apk file. Much easier to install apk files on Android TV boxes using Filelinked.

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