Maxeon star Technologies, Ltd. (MAXN STOCK)

Maxeon star Technologies, Ltd. (stock ticker: MAXN Stock) makes star panels and connected scheme parts worldwide. they supply interdigitated back contact and shingled star cells and panels below the SunPower complete. they provide their merchandise to dealers, project developers, system integrators, distributors, resellers, and residential and small-scale business customers. the corporate is headquartered in Singapore.

MAXN’s Role in Drawdown Maxeon sells star panels and alternative connected parts. they are directly serving to expand star generation capability worldwide. which is a key Drawdown answer to urge a zero-emission energy system. MAXN Stock: What we have a tendency to Like We’d wish to provide a shout intent on Maxeon for many things. First, rare among corporations, is that Maxeon has provided property tips within which they need their suppliers to actively work to scale back the consumption of natural resources, as well as material sourcing like polysilicon.

Second, Maxeon has adopted a data-backed approach (p. 24) according to previous Life Cycle Assessments and annual news across their sites for a deeper understanding of their own carbon footprint throughout the various stages of their product worth chain. Maxeon is additionally implementing several energy potency solutions (p. 24-28) in their facilities across the planet as a primary step toward cutting emissions.

These methods embrace the switch to junction rectifier lighting, putting in building automation technologies, putting in top side star panels, and procuring inexperienced energy across their producing sites. Their use of star PV panels has helped them avoid ~10.15 million plenty of CO2e in 2020 (p. 29). Lastly, Maxeon integrates a circular economy approach (p. 37-38) into each of their solar array producing and their production facilities. They support their customers in usage star panels by operating with native usage consultants within the countries within which Maxeon operates.

They conjointly style their buildings to be property, with their style, construction, and operation having the smallest amount of environmental impact and also the most effective use of resources. The Path to Drawdown: star PVs Addressing global climate change and staying below one.5ºC of world warming demands a wholesale shift from fossil fuels toward victimization 100% emissions-free sources.

The most powerful supply of this clean energy is the sun. electrical phenomena or PV star panels (the kind you see on rooftops) have been verified to be the predominant approach of capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into electricity. This trade has been growing quickly: as of 2020, star panels area unit the most affordable supply of electricity in most places on earth.

Solar produces ~2% of world electricity these days. in step with Project Drawdown, to air a path to remain below one.5ºC of warming, a utility-scale star can be got to be generating a combined ~26% of world electricity by 2050. To get there, the PV star trade must keep massively scaling over the few next decades: 720 TWh of star electricity was generated in 2019 twenty-eight,200 TWh is required by 2050 That’s a CAGR of twelve.56% from 2019 – 2050 Analysis from the IEA conjointly predicts that to succeed in a 100% clean electricity grid by 2050, annual solar array producing capability can be got to scale from 737 GW in 2020 to four,956 GW in 203

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