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IELTS essay, rather than saying you’ve alleged diffusion of formallinkers. By the way, I’ve got two other videos about synonyms, which I’m visiting the link at the tip of this video, and now let’s get started! once you’d prefer to say but there are some alternatives and then.

IELTS the first one is, however, you’ll use it to introduce a statement which contrasts with something you’ve just said for instance politicians have promised to {spice up} road safety to this point however little has been achieved you utilize it in similar situations when the structure is different.

although politicians have promised to spice up road safety little has been achieved so far you’ll also say despite clear evidence from road safety studies no new measures are introduced you may be IELTS ready to say in spite of this despite this politicians oh yes we’re still talking about them have promised to improve road safety in spite of this or despite.

this small has been achieved up to now you may be able to say nevertheless or nonetheless, it means despite something you’ve just said it’s visiting be argued that the movie is just too long it nevertheless all nonetheless an intriguing piece of cinema pleaseIELTS note nevertheless is employed within the middle of the sentence during this instance.

you may be ready to start your sentence with nevertheless like nevertheless it’s visiting be an intriguing piece of cinema but if you set it within the middle it sounds a tiny low amount more natural and it’s important for your coherence and cohesion score okay you’ll also say one in every of the film is undoubtedly too long.


it’s nevertheless an intriguing piece of cinema while may possibly be a typical linking word and there are some synonyms you may use instead the first one is whereas it means compared with the actual undeniable fact that the boys prefer competitive sports and computer games.

IELTS whereas the women seem to enjoy a more cooperative activity like shopping with friends actually I think today many ladies enjoy sports and lots of boys actually enjoy shopping what do you’re thinking that okay the next linking word conversely means in an opposite way poor health might be accepted as an attribute of normal aging conversely.

youth is depicted as a time of vitality and state you’ll also say on the opposite hand when girls go shopping they mainly buy clothes and cosmetics the boys, on the other hand, tend to induce computer games or gadgets you could also say in contrast the united kingdom economy has expanded.

while the Japanese one, in contrast, has declined probably the foremost commonly used word ever maybe and here are synonyms to use instead and then the first one is together with or together with a diet together with or along with a weekly exercise regime can significantly improve one’s health and fitness.

you’ll say moreover as technical advances led to possibilities further as contradictions and the last one is beside school grades other factors can affect a student’s chances of being accepted by a top university the linking word also has kind of synonyms.

but the primary one is moreover the claim that children find bilingual education confusing relies on little evidence moreover this evidence is seriously flawed it could also say furthermore the landscape of cities round the world furthermore varies considerably yes you may be able to use it in the center of the sentence.

just don’t forget to put a comma before and after you’ll also say additionally there’s in addition one further point to form once you would like to mention within the identical way you’ll say similarly more adults exercise regularly today than ten years ago similarly teenagers became more physically active you could also say likewise the quantity of individuals.

visiting the USA is growing likewise more and more Americans travel abroad if you utilize likewise within the middle of the sentence like during this instance you’ve to use a semicolon before and a comma after which I’m visiting discuss it in additional detail next week once you want to mention now well.

now are often not a linking word to be precise but its good to know so rather than saying now you’ll say at the present moment or present petrol prices are so high at the current that there are calls for the government to act to cut back.

then you’ll also say currently the device is currently available only in Japan and after you wish to mention for later subsequently it means after something else once delivered to the recycling facility old furniture is repaired and subsequently sold you could also say thereafter after the time or event mentioned he moved to Canada and settled near Montreal thereafter fairly often.

we wish to say for this reason formal linking words would be consequently or as a consequence which I found some beautiful examples within the Oxford Dictionary many parents today haven’t got time to cook healthy meals for his or her children consequently or as a consequence many children grow old eating an excessive amount of junk food, as a result, many children spent their free time.

watching TV rather than playing outside, as a result, more and more of them became overweight you’ll also say therefore Today’s children eat more food and acquire less exercise than previous generations of children it is not surprising therefore that rates of childhood obesity are onthe increase and yet another example children.

who develop on a diet of junk food find it difficult to vary this habit later in life, therefore, it’s essential that people encourage healthy eating from an early age these examples actually give great ideas for an essay on obesity which is a common topic in task2 and also the linking words.

I showed you’ll facilitate your to create your essay more cohesive and it is important for your coherence and cohesion score and is directly assessed by IELTS examiner’s which I suggest.

you watch two other video synonyms for several common nouns and a video about four ways to avoid word repetition and from that video, you’ll be able to download a PDF list of synonyms for the most common adjectives employed in IELTS writing thanks such plenty for watching me today good luck along with your preparation

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