How to Make a movie projector From a Cardboard Box

For family movie night, we made a projector employing some simple items rigged up to a laptop then hung an everyday blind to use as a movie screen. you’ll use this founded for over just movies Projector since you’re employing a laptop, kids can have lots of fun creating their own video or photo presentations.

Step 1: Trace Laptop + Magnifier

Center the open laptop on the long side of the box and employing a pencil, lightly trace the laptop screen. The laptop screen is the opposite thigh, which is correct because it’ll be inverted when projected on the screen. On the alternative side of the box, center the sheet magnifier and lightly trace around it.

Step 2: Mark Cuts

You’ll want your box openings to be a tad smaller than your laptop screen and magnifier sheet, so use a marker to draw another rectangle that’s 1/2″ smaller than your previously drawn lines.

Step 3: Make Cuts

Use a blade or a utility knife to carefully cut along the marked lines to create the openings. Repeat on the alternative side.

Step 4: Paint Interior

In order to project the brightest image possible onto your movie screen or wall, you’ll paint the within of the entire box with black paint. Allow the paint to totally dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 5: Secure Magnifier

Place the magnifier sheet over the opening with the rigid surface facing inside. Use tape to secure the sheet to the box’s interior. SAFETY NOTE: Once the magnifying sheet is attached to the box, NEVER leave it within the sun. this might cause extreme heat or fire, severely damaging the box and your laptop!

Step 6: Secure Laptop

Position the laptop therefore the screen is the wrong high, then secure using tape. NOTE: because the image is projected through the magnifier sheet, it’ll invert therefore the image appears right-side informed your silver screen.

Step 7: Hang Screen

Once you identify the proper location for your screen, it’s time to carry it up. Most window shades include their own easy-to-use mounting hardware. Simply measure the width of your screen from tip to tip, then mark where each mounting bracket is visiting be located. With a screwdriver (or drill) secure the mounting brackets using the supplied screws. Slip the screen in between the brackets, then use the pull cord to roll out the screen.
Whether it’s just you and thus the youngsters snuggled up watching a family fave or you’re hosting a full-on viewing party, creating a doors screening room could be simply due to keep movie night fresh and exciting for everyone.

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