How To Become A Game Designer After 12th?

What is Game Design?

Game Design is a specialized discipline that is a subset of broader field of video game development and entails conceptualization, visualization, ideation, designing and development of game architecture utilizing creativity. Games are developed for entertainment or educational purposes and are designed basis research and analysis of the target audience, market trends, customer psychology, their preferences as well as client requirements. Game designers are responsible for offering an immersive experience to customers by building a storyline, designing characters & giving them personality, visualizing plots, designing challenges, building levels, puzzles and designing VFX along with sound effects etc. Furthermore, Game designers makes sure that game should be developed in a language that lends itself to use on multiple platforms, facilitates maintenance as well as can be updated for utilization of evolving technologies like AI ML, Augmented reality etc.   

Skills required: In order to study game designing course, students must ensure that they have the following skills necessary for this course:

  • Gaming Obsession 
  • Visualization & drawing skills along with an eye for detail so as to come up with distinct innovative concepts
  • Knowledge of various gaming platforms 
  • Proficiency in software, coding, graphics and technologies like 3D, AI ML and augmented reality etc. 
  • Communication & Networking skills so as to be capable of collaborating with various teams from different departments and stakeholders
  • Organising abilities so as to be able to handle multiple projects, while meeting deadlines
  • Adaptive 
  • Problem solving skills 


  • In order to be eligible for applying to college the candidate needs to clear 12th class from recognised board with 50% marks in any discipline.  
  • To enroll into a game designing course, the candidate needs to clear 12th class from recognised board with 50% marks in any discipline. 
  • The eligible candidates can enroll into the game designing course, only if he clears his entrance exam, which is then followed by a group discussion and personal interview round. 

Study Game Designing Courses:

In order to become a game designer, students must enroll into a college that offers: 

  • The curriculum must ensure that students are mentored with comprehensive understanding about Gaming industry-business, theoretical as well as technical. Students should be equipped in use of technical tools like 2D & 3D graphics & simulation, modeling with brush and Autodesk 3dsMax Substance to prototype scenarios or use of game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, along with narrative architecture, fundamentals about art of storytelling, behavioral and play psychology. 
  • The college must ensure that students gain perspective about communication design industry, so that they develop the abilities to apply design principles to diverse communication challenges across media, different contexts as well as diverse formats.
  • To facilitate the application of theoretical knowledge into practical aspects, the college must boast of state of art studio. The students can apply their learning to do gaming projects, develop prototypes and test concepts.
  • Proper exposure to students must be ensured by the college via participation in competitions, handling real live projects, industry workshops, internships, regular interaction with experts etc.
  • The curriculum must mentor students in research and analysis so that they gain an understanding of people, their preferences, misgivings, behaviour in socio-cultural settings, their psyche etc. The students must understand the use this knowledge to devise strategies for coming up with varied gaming concepts along with other communication products.

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