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GIVING ALL MY ANIMALS THEIR DINNER (Daily Routine)! 2020 Hey guys! Shocking I do know I even have a window in my room with a gorgeous view. If I’m ever feeling down I could just open my window and appearance at that lovely fence and suddenly my hopes are high and suddenly my hope is to keep a copy, and that I am crammed with joy So since I went a bit without posting a video,

I made a decision this video was visiting be one that individuals keep requesting which is truly a video. I’ve already animals done it before. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to those of you who don’t love seeing repeat videos. People just actually need to determine an update of all my animals and what I feed them so I’m visiting bear all.

I do know lots of you actually do enjoy these videos, so every few months I do wish to post one just merely for you guys to enjoy because people seem to possess lots of fun with these. Before this video starts, I just wanted to mention that this can be one of every one of the last weeks you’ll be able to buy my back-to-school merch.

if you’re inquisitive about getting some, it’s Nala, my cheering hedgehog meme on there if you need to test it out it’s in my description, animals also I’ve got started up a vlog channel. GIVING ALL MY ANIMALS THEIR DINNER (Daily Routine)! 2020 I’m not using it yet I’m waiting until I buy to 10,000 subscribers, so I’ll make a video for it.

It’s basically just a few extra contents I will be posting on there that does not must necessarily do with animal education and every one of these little fun videos some off-brand videos that individuals don’t really care about if they’re only here for the animals and after all vlogs that’s why it’s called the vlog channel so if you need to test that out too,

the link is in my description additionally okay, so we’ll start now and move and feed all of my animals So we’re actually visiting start with my newest animal and therefore the newest addition to my room his name is Hannibal and he’s a phasmid insect he’s barely just a bit older than a hatchling at once so he’s very tiny immediately.

He’s visiting get plenty bigger. GIVING ALL MY ANIMALS THEIR DINNER (Daily Routine)! 2020 Just does one guy can get a more robust view though I’m gonna move and take him out And we’re visiting go put him on a plant to eat. Now, these guys only eat three specific animals’ leaves which are Bramble Rose leaves and Oak leaves, so their diet is often a touch bit tricky he’s eating such a lot such as you can see the insufficient indention from what he’s chewed off.

Okay, next up we’re visiting feed Bindi. Hey, Bindi how are you doing? We’re visiting to get her food, and so we’ll be back. GIVING ALL MY ANIMALS THEIR DINNER (Daily Routine)! 2020 So for Bindi’s meal, we’re first visiting get some blue Buffalo Grain-free animals chicken pet food and we’re visiting put that there so we’ve got some snails banana and a few vegetables now for the vegetables what I do is.

I buy a touch bit in a very little container I add some water so I drain the hot-water tank out and so we’ve vegetables because these are dried Hey Bindi. Uh, you’re going for the snail you continue animals to have yet another snail, are you gonna try this next? yeah, there you go Now I pass on to my 150-gallon tank. we’ve some underwater flowerpots in here. These are called gonaporras. we’ve got some frogspawn.

we have got a hammer Galaxia. we have got a feather duster. this can be actually a worm. Animals this can be a living creature rather than animals like all the corals in here, and that we have a leather right here this can be called a bubble coral. that’s a green star polyPs Cheese: Hello.

Taylor: which could be a Cheese, hello Cheese is that the attention hog here I’m visiting turns the lights up which makes the tank look uglier but it causes you to able to see everything a touch better. The blue lights are beautiful but they only don’t come through on cameras o.k.

I need to indicate to you guys how my fish are literally just underwater dogs. If you get their food out, which is that this veggie stuff, they suddenly become dogs this can be Erwin. Erwin is that the big Nazar tang in here, who’s getting incredibly excited. they are doing tend to hand-feeding rather well Cheese is truly biting my finger, which feels really weird, but whatever.

You got it, Cheese? That’s plenty of seaweed. You-you spit it back out. Oh, you are going for it again. Every once in a while it’s quite an animal’s fun handy feed but you have got to create sure there’s nothing on your hands that may hurt them. You know, like soap and stuff like that Hey buddy, you only took that from me. provides it back, get, provides it back. provides it back. Nope, give it, provides it back, give it.

Please? am I able to have it back? thanks, many thanks. Thank you. Here you go Cheese Hey! Cheese, I still have a touch bit left Taylor: Cheese! Cheese: Hello, YouTube Cheese: Okay, I’m coming. Sheesh Now, this is often animals mainly for Cheese because the holes for them to chew on are plenty smaller and it’s harder for the Nazar tang to dine out of here,

I’ll put a bit on a clip and Erwin should communicate animals to the present, there we go. And Cheese now has that one to himself Okay. Now, we’re visiting not feed these dogs. Hello. These are my two dogs They’ve already had their food for today. No Kiara.

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