Effective Anti-Theft Measures for Laptops

With cyber-attacks on the rise, enterprises everywhere must think critically about their security posture. Is your company equipped to stay out of the headlines of the next attack?

For most businesses, flexibility is a crucial factor when considering security solutions. Scalability is also important because of the huge attack surface that comes with an increasingly digital workplace. Onboarding, offboarding, and general business operations demand a high amount of flexibility in security software. A good Laptop Tracking solution will be up to the task.

Laptop Tracking is not something to overlook when it comes to security. The best Geolocation solution will be flexible enough to fit the needs of your enterprise. With device tracking software that can be deployed to thousands of devices quickly and easily, you will have better control over the sensitive data in your care.

When you have device management software like DriveStrike, you can remotely protect any endpoint that employees use for their work. LAPTOP TRACKING involves locating devices in order to make an informed decision for further action. For that, you need the most precise location available, whether that is an internet IP address, Wi-Fi triangulation, or GPS coordinates.

Tracking laptops can be helpful for a variety of purposes, and it is the first step to making sure confidential data stays out of the wrong hands. If a laptop has been lost or stolen, it is usually best to initiate a remote wipe immediately to prevent data compromise.

When responding to an emergency, time is extremely valuable. Any security solution needs to be fast and easy to use, especially when protecting thousands of devices.
Anyone who has been following the news does not need to be reminded that it’s a dangerous digital world out there. Your customers and employees are counting on you to ensure the privacy of their data. Having a solid laptop tracking solution is more important than ever — it is time to do what is best for your business.

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