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Digital Media Design 2020

I’m a digital media design major and today I’m visiting show you what it’s preferred to be during this program This morning I’m heading to Mass Media and society add groups, We’re visiting do the work on the media conglomerate project and that I wanted to travel over the bailiwick project with you.

So I’m a double major with Broadcasting and Digital Media Design and also the reason I picked up the Digital Media Design major together with that’s that it focuses not only on video but also on audio design principles normally because the name would apply some web and mobile stuff as.

I look more within the job market I reasonably noticed when somebody hires a quote-unquote video guy they don’t seem to be just hiring a video guy they could be hiring a video guy who knows the way to do graphic design Even in my current job.

I’m video but I’m also audio that the DMD major made it really great on behalf of me to be comfortable enough to try and do anything that somebody asks me to try digital media and do Now we’re heading to my CreativeProblem-Solving class.

The thing with the DMD majors I feel they quite expect those people to be self-starters lots of the folks that are within the DMDmajor have side gigs A DMD major who recently graduated from here encompasses a photography company that she’s doing really very well with I do a video on the side Having those business skills is extremely important; you kind of get these really cool looks into the business.

Digital media
Digital Media

A world that you just honestly need to know if you’re gonna do that Today for the WLUTV student crew I’m directing one of our shows, on digital media HealthyU, within the studio TV crew has actually it’s really helped me in my troubleshooting skills.

its really helped me in my live production skills some other schools that were plenty larger than I toured did not have anything like this and one of the explanations that I did find yourself going here is because I might be ready to get first-hand experience first week freshman year and that I did.

But as a DMDmajor, I feel it’s extremely important to be able to have some life experience because you wish to understand digital media when things are gonna fail and the way you’re gonna fix it If I’m just if I’m shooting a movie and that I make an error during a trial.

I can just redo the take; if you’re doing a live production you create an error you got to stay rolling with it and it really helps you with perseverance in that way that you just decide that you’ve got have to be compelled to keep rolling with it Three, two one; coming to Kathy…

Today’s MADfesthere on campus and I am getting ready to go in a 3d animation session with ProfessorLee So MADfest I believe is a very important part of the West digital media Libertyexperience as an art major It’s for prime school students and college students to submit their work into multiple different categories and sort of getting recognition and praise for it.

This year I submitted an audio documentary a video documentary a brief film and a photograph What they are doing is that they bring in professional judges to evaluate your work and choose who wins better show who wins each of those categories and it’s reasonably cool to work out professional judges say that your work is nice.

I made an extremely important connection last year atMADfest with a filmmaker who’s based out of latest York who has paid me to help him with some shoots sense, so it’s reasonably cool to be able to make those quite connections and find people to vouch for you, not just your professors but people within the community.

Now we’re heading to school Hall for the award ceremony And first place briefly Film goes to Corey Knollinger! So in Digital Media Design, there are three different tracks; there are web and mobile, there’s audio so I do I’m the film and video track because I’m extremely addicted to video storytelling and storytelling.

Generally and that I think this is often the best thing about the DMD major; the DMD major is de facto a choose-your-own-adventure and i believe the most effective example of that’s I did a 20-minute short film that I wrote shot and edited over a whole course of about six months I’ve had a very fun time during this major and having the ability to seek out myself.

Creatively and that I feel like had I did not pick up this is often the second major I would not be the artist or the videographer I’m today Today for my part-time job with West Virginia PublicBroadcasting I’m interviewing Dr. Horzempa So I work for West Virginia public Broadcasting It’s something that started off as an internship and then after the internship was over.

They asked to stay me part-time and that I was really excited and really happy to try to that plenty of what I learned in my classes about storytelling especially and that I had a commentary class that was really really important that helped me learn the way to structure stories I also had a documentary class that basically helped me work out the way to structure things.

That isn’t scripted I’s like painting but not knowing what color you have got till you start painting As a part of my job I have been asked to require photos, I’ve been asked to record audio and cut audio, I have been asked to record and cut video, I’ve been asked to edit photos that are all included within the Digital Media Design major I hope that gave you an honest idea of what it’s prefer to be within the program For more information move to our website

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