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Projector great for watching movies and of course playing games I’ve got my ps4 pro and Xbox one X hoped up thereto but even though it is a good size I can not help think there is a wasted opportunity given the size of the wall behind it so I wanted to seek out out if a projector could be an honest replacement for my TV and provides.

Me a fair better gaming experience but also without breaking the bank so I’ve got the BenQ w 1210 ST it is not the newest it is a little over a year old but it costs 900 pounds or about thousand dollars projects a 1080p 60 picture and crucially for gaming features a super-low input lag.

it is also what’s called a brief throw projector which implies you can set it up near the wall ideal if like me you do not have an entire lot of space now I rent my house I do not own it drilling holes and mounting it on the ceiling probably wouldn’t make my landlord too happy although as you will find go in a moment well you would possibly have to that the very first thing.

HDMI Cable

I realize is I would like to bring the games to console or whatever your media sources to the projector which is slightly annoying as quite like having ready up and tidy in my TV stand connecting it all up is really simple you only need the facility and an HDMI cable

Now I do not have a correct projector screen but I feel my whitewall should be adequate for starters the BenQ is not the smallest projector but it’s still reasonably portable if you wish to maneuver.

it between rooms as this can be more of an off-the-cuff projector than their super high-end mounted one for the cinema room in your mansion putting in is straightforward due to the built-in buttons otherwise you can use the bundled device and you have also got these zoom and focus rings.

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so you’ll adjust the zoom and also the focus so it’s all set up and that we should be good to travel let’s examine what you’ll move it works I feel perhaps short throw projectors have to be a tad closer to the wall on this

so I’ve moved it a pair of feet closer again using my fancy array of boxes as a makeshift stand but all over again we’re still too far away really should listen it says short throw but here’s my issue you’ll be able to get some super short throw projector from the likes of Sony and LG they are definitely lots costlier but they’d allow me to place it on my TV.

stand this Bank U is well its short-throw ish optimal placement seems to be smack bang in the center of my lounge which might be fine if I mounted it on the ceiling and routed five-meter long power and HDMI cables through my ceiling down the wall and into the rear of my TV cabinet.

But I have never and that I do have damage deposit back for my landlord once I leave but logistics aside this is pretty cool I’ve gone from 55 inches to 100 inches it is not a flowery 4k HD projector which you can get but you may pay two to a few times more full HDat 60 Hertz will do me for now and while this could definitely look better on a proper.

projector screen I’m impressed with just how beauty on my wall but the better part is it’s properly good for gaming put the image in fast game mode and you will get around 21 milliseconds of input lag that’s on par with the best TVs out there including my Samsung QLED and way better.

than most projectors theDLP projector is bright it’s colorful and it’s a spread of picture modes depending on what you’re watching and since it is not well a TV with same edge-lit LEDs viewing angles are fantastic you may hook.

it up to a blue-ray player enter a USB continue your movies on that maybe connect it up to your PC and use it as a large monitor with two HDMI 1.4 there are enough ports for what I would like but it’s showing its age a small amount with VGA ports for the PC and USB C.

it does also include built-in speakers which are one lesson of cabling and peripherals to fret about for now but they do not sound superb it’s fine for messing around like I’m but if you wish to properly enjoy movies or games on.

the large screen you will need to induce some external speakers using it for a long time I did start to notice the space getting quite a lot warmer with my laser thermometer reading nearly 57 degrees coming from it so you’ll likely want to open a window or two if you’re gonna use it for a protracted period of your time.

but that’s a fairly typical issue with most projectors like this now I will be able to confess to being more of a consumer instead of an expert when it involves projectors but I do like the idea of them it never fails to place a smile on my face after I can fill an entire wall with my games.

it’d be such a lot of fun to possess some people round to show this off too and perhaps get some couch gaming occurring the bank you also has a reasonably neat drunk simulator mode it supports side-by-side 3d content but it’s far more fun if you utilize it for non-3d stuff like Forza 7, it seems like driving.

someone should definitely have taken the controller off me before I got into my Lamborghini Countach. I can forgive its lack of 4kand HDR support considering the worth you’ll be able to get those and fancy laser projection systems but they’re far more expensive the most problem on behalf of me is I just do not know where to place it it’s short-throw but not short enough, therefore, the optimum placement seems.

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