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Education in today’s video as I promised in my previous video I am going to cover how to apply for   education credential assessment through word education services Canada for Canadian pr if   you haven’t subscribed to the channel I highly recommend you guys to please do subscribe and   like and share and do let me know if you have any concerns or issues related to your pr application 

i would love to address those issues so in this video is how to approach to htc as well   as your respective boards to get the necessary uh attestation done which you need to send it to   wos in a sealed envelope so please do watch this video till end and let’s start our today’s video

so you just have to go to google write what education services and click on this page you  would be directed here and like a new, you would be a new applicant get started click here you can see three steps how they evaluate eca you don’t have to worry about it just go to apply now   over there

where will you use your evaluation b definitely you’re going to apply for Canadian education immigration click here then you can see there are three types of application   standard ircc and agri-food because you are going to apply for immigration you just have to click   on this one-second one start application ircc over there you just need to create your account

Robert Jackson:

I would just create a fake account to give you guys an idea of how to apply for it, okay so I would say uh Robert Jackson then date of birth anything you can just put no you would be you don’t have any reference number because   you are a new applicant then you can type Robert Jackson 9999

Email Password :

whatever email you have re-entered that email password you have to choose a special character one lower and one number as well okay then select your security question in case you forget your password

what is your favorite   movie i would say avatar and you don’t need to subscribe for newsletter if it’s your ways   just click create account okay your account is created now these are the details which you have   put recently if you want to change anything you can but you can see your gender female   male you need to click on the country of your residence

let’s say you’re playing from pakistan   okay you just need to give your address let’s say i would type anything let’s say model town and uh lahore   street province punjab it’s not an accessory but still you can put telephone number other let’s  say an imaginary phone number whatever

you have four five six seven eight and nine there you go   this is your login information security question is also there you just need to go and click next and what credentials you have earned so here you go if you are having a bachelor’s four years of   bachelor degree then you must have to post put your intermediate degree

you don’t have to put your matriculation or o level details you just have to put for fse intermediate and bachelors if you’re having master degree you have to put that one as well okay so here i would just go there add   credential country of education let’s say

if it is pakistan type of education universities name of   the institution you can put i would say university of let’s say any university i would say afterwards   science of university of technology name of the diploma certificate

let’s say you can say   bachelor of electrical engineering you can click on this one and your first name which is indicated on your degree it should match exactly okay  


it’s actually the last name, okay the field of study was   electrical engineering let’s say years awarded in 2014 from 2010 to 2014 let’s say and click save  

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment concept (Safety workplace) – Engineering man or Safety Inspector standing with risk assessment checklist.

it’s done now you have to add your intermediate degrees same in the same way just have to put your   country type of education it is secondary education which of these candida pakistan you have to click next okay

so here you can see your delivery address where you want to get your   hard copy of your evaluation you can edit it then here is   the they are going to also send one copy to immigration refugees and citizenship canada 

it’s already there you can see electronic delivery only if you want to add any other   you can say uh recipient you can add it but there is no need click next and then   processing time is 35 days depending on your country

what you are going to get the pdf copy   the hard copy and one email copy would be sent to for your immigration purposes and electronic   storage of your copy if you want to download it later the pay fee would be 220 dollars

we’re just going to click next if you want your hard copy with standard mail you are going to pay 10 dollars if you want a fast track then you are going to pay 85 I would keep it standard let’s say click next and then here the details of your credentials bachelor of electrical engineering let’s say

what you need to do basically you have to do the evaluation and restrictions of your mark sheet   number one as well as your degree from hcc okay you have two options whether they are going to   give you a sale and went up or they can send it directly to us I would recommend to get it from   her in the serial number and send

it tows the address would be given below I will show it to you later and for hec attestation, you have to provide your metric intermediate and bachelor’s degree as well as a transcript to check for test station once they are tested you are going to send 

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