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9 Things To Consider in Choosing an Eco-Friendly Roof Coating in New Orleans

Homeowners usually tend to spend a lot of money every year on roof replacement and roof repairs, which is something to be expected since the roof serves as a protector from outer forces for people in the building, but it doesn’t make it less frustrating. 

Getting an eco-friendly roof coating near New Orleans could not only help you lessen those repairs because it brings in all of this resilience to your building, but it could also add value to your building while lessening your carbon footprint. Here are 9 things to consider in choosing an eco-friendly roof coating in New Orleans.

Maintenance Costs

There are going to be different levels of maintenance and care depending on the kind of roof you have and the aesthetic you are going for, all this while you are making sure that the building will remain functional. When you are choosing the roof coating for your building, you need to understand the budget for your maintenance, and do not forget about the staffing.


You are also going to have to take into consideration the climate of where you are living, and different coats would react differently in different weather. There would be a certain coating that you could use for climates that are rainy, windy, and have high humidity, and there are also different coatings when you live in a place where it is sunny and dry.

Energy Use

There would be different energy efficiency with different roof coatings, so when you are picking your roof coating, then you have to consider how much energy you want to be able to save, whether you want to lower your utility bill or you want to make sure that your building would help you lessen your carbon footprint.


When you are thinking about the sustainability of your roofing, there are so many layers that you have to think about, so you have to choose one that directly impacts the efficiency of energy of your building. 

You need to watch out for a coating that has Volatile Organic Content or VOC because these are toxic chemicals made by man that are not good for the environment. 

Design and Branding

There are some different messaging with all of these different materials so you have to pick a coating that would convey your message. 

Use a coating for your building that would attract the kind of people you are trying to attract because how your building is made and what it is made off is a key sign of how you want other people to feel about your business.

Silicone coating

When you live in a place where there is high humidity and it is raining one minute and then it is very sunny, adding silicone coating to your roof is a great idea because it could be very resistant to corrosion and it is very reflective.

Polyurethane roof coating

If you do not mind having to spend a lot of money but get a high-quality coating, then polyurethane roofing coating is perfect because it is not necessarily reflective, helps the roof stay clean, and has high weather resistance against all-natural elements. The only negative thing about this is the price.

Acrylic roofing

If you are looking for a coating that is resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays, then acrylic roofing is a great option for your building. With the performance and the value it adds to your building, it is relatively also proceeding very well, the main disadvantage that this has though is that it is prone to weathering.

When your goal for your building is to have this glass-like roof for your building without having to actually buy glass, then put this at the top of your list because it could be customized into any shape, size, or color that you want.

Wood roof

Having a roof made out of purely wood is a great addition to your architecture when you want to go with this rustic aesthetic, but it is high in maintenance because it could easily become weathered so you are going to need to regularly take care of it so that it could maintain freshness. 

You get to have heating, ventilation, and air conditioning easily when you have a wood roof because it could allow more space for breathing, which makes it sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Getting an eco-friendly roof coating for your building in New Orleans would be able to help you with costs, in the long run, this is true especially when you are working with a reliable roofing company. Choose a company that would help you navigate and help you through your journey so that you could get the best for your roof coating.

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