5 Premium Salons to Visit in Norway

Many people don’t think about haircuts when they’re on vacation. However, if you’re planning on staying in Norway for a week or longer, you might want to consider a visit to the salon. Think about it – you may need a haircut, want to try out a new color, hide your root growth, or even embrace some premium grooming services. Knowing where to go for your haircut and other hair services is critical because you care about your look.

There are a number of premium salons that you can book in Norway. They can talk to you about your desired style and provide all of the services you need. It can ensure you look your best regardless of what you plan on doing while you’re in the country.

Adam og Eva

Adam og Eva is highly reviewed and offers locations all across Norway, making it easy for you to find a salon regardless of the city you are staying in. The hairdressers are talented at cutting and coloring, ensuring you can get the look you want – even if you just want a blowout. They routinely work with men, women, and children to offer premium services.

Additionally, Adam og Eva operates an internationally awarded hairdressing school. They have been operating the school since 1986. It helps to give you confidence that the stylists truly are well-skilled to provide you with the many services offered.


Balanzera is a highly reviewed hair salon located in Oslo with three locations for you to choose from. The salon is well-known for providing eco-friendly hair colors and products. They also serve tea and healthy snacks while you’re at your appointment to help create a calming and friendly environment.

Many treatments are available, including cutting and styling. Shampooing is always included, and products are designed to help with the scalp. Updos, coloring, and organic make-up are also offered at Balanzera.

Jack’s Barber & Klipp

Jack’s Barber & Klipp is a traditional barbershop for men in Oslo. They claim that they’ll take their clients back in time because of the old-school way in which they provide their services. Mail clients can look forward to haircuts and shaves. The stylists have years of experience and can offer a new spin on some of the modern services, ranging from haircuts to beard trims to fades.

The stylists work to keep up with the trends of the industry by traveling to different fashion and styling events throughout the metropolises of Norway and beyond.

Jan Thomas Studio

Jan Thomas Studio is not only a hair salon but also a cosmetic and beauty supplier. There are hairstylists and makeup artists on-premises, making it possible to get a full makeover during your appointment.

The studio, located in Oslo, first opened in 2017. There are two locations available for you to choose from – Parkveien and Frogner. The stylists have a significant amount of experience and have also worked closely with various magazines and productions to provide high-end hair and makeup services.

Escape Hairdressing AS

Escape Hairdressing AS has a high reputation for providing high-end haircuts and coloring services. The salon is located in the Sentrum neighborhood of Oslo with hours available Monday through Saturday. All of the stylists go through a significant amount of training, providing you with confidence when you sit down.

Various add-ons help to provide you with a relaxed environment – scalp massages, premium products, and even a massage chair. Other services you can look forward to here include brows and lashes and hair extensions.

Schedule Your Appointment

You deserve to have the hairstyle you want. After you have done your research to find the salon you want to visit in Norway, book your appointment. You don’t want to get excited about a service only to be told that all of the stylists are booked on the day you decide to visit. Many of the salons allow you to book online. You can book in advance, even before you arrive in Norway. It can provide you with something to look forward to. Plus, you can be sure that a hairdresser has the time to provide you with the dedicated services that will help you to look and feel great.

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