4 Tips That Will Help With Your Leed BD C Exam Prep

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a certification program that’s designed to aid interested parties in understanding how to create building designs that are environmentally sound and can be rightly referred to as green construction. In order to obtain the certification, it’s necessary to take exams that can only be successfully completed by those who have a full grasp of the coursework. If you’re planning on seeking certification, here are four basic tips that will aid in your Leed BD C exam prep and improve the odds of earning your certification.

Go Through the Study Guide Again

You received a study guide at the beginning of the course. Before the day of your exam, go back through the guide carefully, Pay close attention to the parts that seemed to take longer for you to grasp. Make sure that any questions you still have are answered before taking the exam.

Remember that in addition to the study guide, you were likely provided with access to videos and other study materials. Review those as well. That includes a handbook if it was included. By making sure you understand the applications and how they relate to real-world construction, you position yourself to anticipate just about any question that may appear on the actual exam.

Make Good Use of the Test Questions Included in Your Materials

You were provided with a set of questions that you could use for review purposes. Many study materials include as many as a hundred different questions covering the course materials from beginning to end. Consider making up your own exam by using those questions and see how well you do.

Keep in mind that the actual exam may or may not use the exact verbiage found in those study questions. Some of them may be altered slightly in an attempt to see how much attention you’re paying. Little things like noticing if the question has to do with LEED Certified projects or LEED certified projects matters, since the capitalization of the “c” does make a difference in what answer is correct.

If Possible Have Someone Quiz You By Asking Test Questions in a Random Manner

While you can test yourself, there’s no reason why you couldn’t get help from someone by having them offer an oral examination. The other party could select questions at random from the study guide. By asking them out of sequence, it’s easier to be sure that you know the material and have not simply memorized answers that can be used in a specific order.

You may find that being able to pass an oral exam makes the written one you take online a little less intimidating. Knowing you provided correct answers in one setting means they will be easier to manage in a different one.

Use the Time Granted to Test the Exam Controls

With most online testing of this type, you will have a short grace period prior to the exam’s formal beginning to test the exam controls. Typically, the time frame is around ten minutes. Use that time to test every last function and be sure you know how they work. That includes functions that you’ve used previously for other tasks.

You’ll be surprised how much this one approach will help in terms of speed. After confirming that the controls are working properly and that you know how to use them, it will be easier to move through the examination with greater speed. That provides more time to complete all the questions and possibly go back to review any that you’re not completely sure about.

Remember that the purpose of Leed BD C exam prep is to make sure you’re ready to take the examination. With the right approach, the odds of passing on the first try will be much higher.

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