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Many times it faces us with the IP ( of some site or computer while browsing the internet, but not of the realization that the numbers in question can represent. The IP only becomes a concern when we want to make some change in our network (Wi-Fi) and need to access the link provided by the router manufacturer or by the carrier provider of the internet. The IP is precisely this link offered and can be used even when there are problems with the access of the internet, many times even being the way to fix the errors that are happening with the Wi-Fi connection.Which means

The is one of the many IP which can be found to access the router.  The IP has the same functionality as an address, however, this is intended for issues digital such as websites or computers.It is always good to point out that to search for an address on the web through the IP, this needs to be entered correctly. Any error can lead you to a search in search engines such as Google or at a site that does not exist, giving the error message.

How to access the IP?

Besides typing in the correct IP of your router to access the settings page for network connections, it is necessary to access the address of a computer that is the central of the network and a browser of large-sized (Explorer, Chrome, or Mozilla).

The computer needs to be the major network so that there are no problems with invaders of the Wi-Fi enter and change all the current settings.

Give preference to put the computer or notebook connected to the router with a network cable, being is the most convenient way to have access to the IP.

How to find out if this is the IP right from my router?

The may not be your IP, and your router may have another numbering identification. Pair to know which is the real IP of your network, there are two paths that can be followed.

I do the first of them through a label that is in the body of the device router. Need to locate the sticker that should contain not only the IP but also the default login of the company. The number can also be in the housing.

The other way to find the IP of the network is through a computer that is connected to it. To do this, simply click on the network icon (wi-fi) and choose the option “Network and Sharing Center”.

In the window that will open, click on the network and look for more details. I will place the IP next to the “IPv4”

What are the settings that you can tinker with?

To access the IP, usually, it is possible to change the login of the network and the login that allows you to change the connection.

The amount of bandwidth available to each computer in the network will also usually be an option available for configuration, but this varies from provider to provide.

Others Routers Admin Wireless Security Settings are extremely important. Many clients just focus on the transmission speed, however, disregard the security of the remote network.

As showed by the study, 90% of the network interruption is caused by the remote router is not comparing to the security settings. Here are a couple of fundamental security settings that can enable you to avoid the greater part of the dangers.

Debilitate DHCP highlights

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, General router DHCP is empowered of course, so that every single remote gadget inside the flag range can be consequently appointed to the IP address, which left an awesome security chance. An aggressor can undoubtedly get a great deal of data about your router by dispersing the IP address, so handicapping the DHCP highlight is vital.

Remote encryption

General remote AP or router has WEP encryption and WPA encryption, WEP incorporates both 64-bit and 128-piece encryption sort, the length of entering 10 or 26 x 16 string as the encoded password can secure your remote network.

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