09 White Hat SEO Benefits in 2020

What is White Hat SEO? White Hat SEO is an optimization technique for growing the amount and quality of site traffic by using techniques that focus on humans, not bots.

Techniques that are typically used in white hat optimization include doing competitor analysis, practicing link building, keyword research, and rewrite of meta tags on your website in order for them to better be applicable, and creating content for human visitors. 

This type of search engine optimization will focus on organic search engine results. On organic results, the website will show up in its natural state and will not have been negatively affected by any type of algorithm change.

By using ethical strategies, a site’s ranking will be increased without using any unethical techniques such as spamdexing or Black Hat SEO. However, if your site incorporates Black Hat SEO tactics, you will only benefit from a temporary boost in rankings,

because your site will soon find its way back in the black hole of the search engines’ search algorithms. This is because white-hat techniques are built upon a stable of rules which have been proven successful by real search engines, including Google.

Before we examine the difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO, let’s look at what white hat search engine optimization actually is. It is an organic means of increasing a website’s visibility in the search results.

 This is achieved by a process known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. The aim is to make a site more visible to search engines through natural or unpaid techniques that will boost a site’s popularity and lead it towards the top of the results page. SEO can be used for free or paid services. Successful eCommerce websites have a few things in common. Those things being, a feature to export ordersadvanced shipping rules, and direct checkout. If your site is lacking any of these, it is high time to change that

01. Improve User Experince:

The main benefit of this type of search engine optimization technique is that it gives you the opportunity to improve the user experience. You can do so by carefully selecting your keywords and phrases, by keeping your content fresh and interesting to your visitors, by providing targeted information and by providing original and helpful content

You will no longer be affected by any type of algorithm change. This will give you an SEO advantage which is very important. White Hat Search Engine Optimization offers your visitors many more benefits, which will help you achieve higher ranking in all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

02. Incraese Raking:

First, you will have increased rankings which means more users will be able to find you. It will also increase your digital marketing exposure by making your site more visible to other digital marketing techniques such as video marketing, RSS feeds, blogs, forums, press releases and other types of Digital Marketing Companies 

You will also benefit from increased search engine visibility, which means that your site will appear at the top of the results when a person performs a specific search. In addition, White Hat SEO techniques are recommended for ensuring that your content remains relevant to the keywords.

03. Risk Free:

One of the biggest advantages of using these SEO techniques is that they do not pose any risk to your reputation as a website owner. These methods are conducted without causing any alteration to the listings in the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

They are also conducted without altering the results of the search results generated by the actual search engines. Thus, if your site is listed in the top positions in the results page of these engines, it means that your website has actually been effective.

04. Long Term Results:

Another advantage of employing the best practice of white hat techniques is that it does not take long for results to start showing. This is because search engine guidelines approve most of these methods within a matter of weeks. 

Moreover, these techniques are not considered risky by the search engines, so users will be able to easily find their way through your website. With this benefit, you can enjoy the benefits of improving your rankings, as well as, enjoying increased traffic.

05. Genuine Traffic:

As with all other SEO strategies, the goal of white-hat optimization is to provide genuine or organic listings to the search engines and Get SEO ranking globally. One of the techniques that is commonly used is the use of keyword stuffing. 

With this strategy, webmasters add many keywords to their web pages in an attempt to boost the website’s rankings. While this method can provide an instant boost in rankings, it is also very undesirable because of the negative consequences it can have on a site’s reputation.

06. Boost reputation :

There are two main components that make up SEO, these are content and techniques. Content is what a site contains, it is what makes it valuable to visitors and what makes them interested in returning to the site. 

Using unethical practices such as keyword stuffing can actually harm a site’s reputation instead of boosting it. White-hat SEO practices are based on genuine methods of increasing a site’s ranking and are not based on unethical practices. This is what makes it the best practice.

07. Human Practice:

Another way that SEO differs from black hat practices is that white hat practices do not use automated methods of ranking sites. Instead, a human being is manually assigned to each keyword and link and the ranks are determined by the relevancy of the surrounding words to the given keywords. 

This is in stark contrast to black hat SEO practices, which oftentimes involves using automatic programs that rank sites for certain keywords based on sheer volume. White hat practices adhere to strict rules and do not break any software that may be in place with the search engines.

08. Compatible:

Another benefit of using the best SEO techniques is the fact that these techniques are 100% compatible with the search engines. This means that any site can use these practices and that they will not break any rules as far as search engine rules go. This alone gives them a huge advantage over their competitors.

09. Quick results:

Another benefit of these techniques is that they provide quick results. These practices have been proven to provide noticeable increases in a site’s traffic and page rank within a few days after implementation. This is thanks to the fact that these techniques do not require massive amounts of maintenance. 

The techniques are also 100% search engine friendly, which means that they will not cause any penalties to a site’s rankings or keyword phrases if they are implemented properly.

The only real downfall with these techniques is that they are very time consuming to learn and do not provide the immediate visibility that some other blackhat techniques might offer. In the end, this probably ends up being more cost-effective because of the quick results that it provides.


Overall, white hat techniques are the safest and most reliable way to do business online. They have been around for several years and have been thoroughly proven in the past. 

No other type of black hat has been able to overcome the search engines for so long, proving to be the most trustworthy way to promote websites online. It will just be a matter of time before all the black haters are defeated and permanently banned from the Internet.

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